Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May17 - Pacesetters New Balance 15km

After last weekend’s Larian Bomba, I had tried to train myself acclimatising with the weather by running at the odd morning & afternoon hours (hey, not working yet so lots of time in my hands). This NB run would the test of my so-called training.

Talks of the 15km route had given me the shivers with the double-hills & moderate inclines that had actually prompted me to rekkie the route but due to the unavailability of a vehicle, I just had to experience it for myself during the run.

The men starts at 7am while the ladies was at 715am. A few of the “keng” runners made their training loops around Lake Garden to warm up.

Bang!! The men was off while the ladies gave support at the sideline. It took nearly 8mins till the last male runner cleared the starting area. I wasn’t as nervous as before. I knew what I had to do, keep a good pace & monitor my breathing. With my ipod all charged up, I began my 15km hilly challenge.

The first 2km was getting out of Lake Garden with a small hill at the start. I must be at a pretty good pace coz I started passing the men when I got out. The runners joined the standard 10km route, passing Bank Negara & heading towards the Jalan Duta, but turning towards left before it, which leads to the double hill.

I took a deep breath when I made that turn, where I confronted my enemy. I ran passed a ol'running friend, Kevin, whom I have not seen for nearly a year, but I didn't stop to chat. The 1st hill was bareble, no walking for me once i reached the top, but went I saw the 2nd, I had the "har?" expression on my face. Walau eh! Twice as steep. Taking small running steps, stablisation my breathing to prevent stitches I made it to the top, but had to stopped to walk to catch my breathe. I actually advice a youngster on how to keep going (he was nearly topling over). I felt bad for him, I was that too.

From here on, it was straightforward route of flat, slight incline & downhill. I maintained a good comfortable pace until we reached Lake Garden again. We made the last 2.3km circle around the lake towards the finish line. 1hr 32mins. Definately better than my last run. I was actually more cheerful and wasn't tired when I rushed to collect my medal & foc meal vouchers.

Double hill, thy shall fear thou not

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